The best closet organization ideas

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closet organizationCloset organization can be one of the most difficult plans to come up with on your own, especially if you are not an interior designer or a fashion expert. However, it would be interesting for you to know that in order to come up with the best closet organization ideas; such expertise may not be required. Closet organization ideas may require customization based on your needs and wants.

Unlike the junk drawers, books cabinet etc. clothes come in a variety of colors, styles and sizes depending on the season or fashion and their organization in your closet can consume a lot of space if not organized appropriately. You may need extra help if you find yourself stuck in such a situation.

The following ideas can help you achieve the best closet organization in the cheapest way possible without the involvement of a professional.

1. Get your closet’s measurements

This is usually the first idea you should put into consideration, particularly when it comes to choosing the sizes of clothes to fit certain segments of your closet. Correct measurements of floor space and all interior walls dimensions can help you to come up with a layout of your closet. This is a basis that helps you to decide on the sizes of boxes, bins and other necessary space-savers for your closet.
The dimensions obtained can go a long way to ensuring that you use every square inch of your closet wisely.

Some other great closet organization ideas

2. Invest in the right kind of hangers

This idea can prove to be more prolific if you are having space issues in your closet. However, the type of the hanger chosen can as well be dictated by the type of clothing you intend on hanging. For instance padded hangers are suitable for hanging delicate fabric, plastic hangers for button down shirts.

You should therefore invest in the right kind of a hanger as one of the best closet organization ideas. This ensures that you save a lot of time finding the right clothing to put on before going to work and also for quick coordination of your closet. Hangers also allow your fabrics to breathe and loose the toxic chemicals used in dry cleaning.

3. Store and sort your clothes by outfit

Storing your clothes by outfit can be achieved using the best type of hangers. For instance, you should store blazers with skirts and cardigans with matching slacks. This technique in the long run tells you the clothes that are out of season and those you haven’t worn for a long time.

4. Get rid of items you don’t wear

organization ideasThis is one golden idea among other closet organization ideas that can help you to effectively determine the clothing and shoes you need to get rid of. If you haven’t worn some clothing and shoes in your closet, clear them out.

You can also get rid of clothes that don’t fit you well, for example your skinny jeans if you just added some few pounds recently. The main goal of this is to give room to the clothes and shoes you like to wear.

These closet organization ideas can work best if you amalgamate them with some from a professional interior designer. A chaotic closet makes your morning routine very complex an might make you run late.


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