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Some important closet organization ideas

November 10th, 2012

Getting your closet organized can be a nightmare even for the most intelligent people. Reducing the clutters in the closet will be an important aspect. This will only require some time and energy to ensure the organization is coming out as planned. One does not have to call in an expert and spend a lot in organizing the closet. Some simple do it yourself methods can be applied. Here are some organization ideas.

Closet ideas: Hooks

closet ideas: HooksThe closet will look good when one uses over the door hooks. The hooks can be used to hang light items like purses. Closets that come with wall spaces will be good as there are many hooks that can be placed. The hooks can be fixed at any height. The rods can also be installed inside the deep closet that will be used with heavy items.

Closet ideas: Repurposed

Repurposed closetThe walk in closets will be installed with shelves that will give a good design. This will give the same look and will appear as customized. Small items like the jewelries will be used with ice trays, muffin tin placed on the drawers or the shelves. Boxes without the lids will come out well if they have no lids and will be good in storing the undergarments in a good organization. Inside the door one can place a shoe organizer. This will be good in keeping items used often like the gloves and suits for bathing.

Closet ideas: Hangers

Closet Organization Ideas: HangersOne of the cheap closet ideas to employ is the use of plastic hanger. This should come with clips that will hold the items properly. The jackets, trousers and others that are worn together will be hanged here. A bigger closet will be organized well by having the hangers with the same color used in hanging items of the same color. For example the blue jeans will be hanged on a blue hanger to complement the room. The white clothing will come out well if they are hanged on a black hanger and vice versa. The shorter items can be hanged in a vertical arrangement through looping on chain measuring different inches long placed on the rod. The hangers should always be hooked on the rods.

Closet ideas: Vertical spaces

closet organization ideas: Vertical spacesWhen answering the question oh how to reorganize my closet, one should look keenly on the vertical spaces available. Starting at the bottom of the closets rod, one can do wonders. The shelve which have been designed vertically will be hooked over the rods. This can hold a sizeable stack of sweaters and shirts that are folded. Crates will also be used to store the items here. The highest part of the closet can be used in storing clothing not commonly used or the tiny items. Instead of getting the bigger storage items like bins, they should be replaced with suitcases that will be kept at the top of the closet.

Closet ideas:  Lighting

Getting the good light inside the closet is ideal. This can range form the LED to battery powered lights. There is also wireless lighting system that works well to give enough light. They will make the closet look beautiful and well designed.